Big Oil and The Election ?

I just have this feeling that the reason gas in my neck of the woods is 1.99 today, and CBS news talked about the stock market booming because of eased tensions over gasoline prices that with the election coming up, it serves big oil to keep republicans in power. It's not that I am saying republicans are bad ..but clearly , big oil is better off with them in power and are influencing the election as they know how.

When it served big oil to charge us over $3.00 a gallon ...they had no problem doing that ..and i think by christmas ..election over ... gas will be tickling that mark again. With all the negativity towards republicans and angst about virtually everything going against them ... it's just somethign big oil can take off the table. With $3.00 a gallon gas people would really pile on the administration and congress. It's my belief that people have forgotten the bind big oil put on America with their money hunger ways. Price of everything went up due to rising energy costs ... and though nobody in my family was hurt physically ... the effect may just well have been as though someone dropped a bomb in my backyard.

Foley is being politicized too much ... pedophelia is not a democrat or republican issue ...but it does show some true colors ... Hastert covering up ..and one of my favorites happened today on the commentary portion of CBS This Morning. Conservative commentator Ben Stein chose today (oct 8, 06) to point out that the Foley scandal is on 24/7 while there are other VERY SERIOUS problems in the world ...took great time with fabulous maps and video to illustrate the problems of the world. He thinks media should get off of the Foley story and on to these. I agree that these are big problems Mr. Stein I DO have to point out that they were problems a month ago ..and you didnt see fit to mention them either until conservative politics in our country was coming under fire. Diversions and Denials are at so many levels today.

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