Gas Prices Low ... ASK WHY not why not

Does ANYONE get that Gas Prices are going straight up after the election ? WHo is it worth more to than Big Oil to keep Republicans in ? It just seems to me the most obvious answer...Pump prices were inflated to the highest and we never found out or asked enough questions why ? and now..its down low and nobody is asking why ? YOU SHOULD care why. We paid for these low prices when it was high to give Oil a cushion ..and they will jack it up sharply , starting after the elections, win or lose ...and it will be through the roof by Christmas.

Obama to run ?

Just a quick opinion ...Obama thinking about running, Condeleeza being urged, Hillary leaving no doubt ..and Powell could be up there and win if he would just try. 2008 could be a GREAT moment ..defining moment for how far America has come if this "minority free for all", with all very qualified bunch of legitimate frontrunners take the stage. (i know depends upon your opinion of Hillary Clinton) Think it could happen ? You better know it might especially with former Virginia Governor Warner ruling out, and Edwards possibly not being able to. What a great race it would be to just watch.

Mike Tyson's Eerie (Eary ? ) return

Mike Tyson is back on the money trail with his exhibition tour and was showered with boos in Youngstown Ohio. At one time he knocked out everyone he faced in the ring with one punch. Now, punchless and punch drunk he reminds me that there are dozens of reasons why nobody should care about boxing. The too many champions is one...when I was young, no doubt who the champ was whether it was Ali, Frazier, or Foreman. There is also the crooked element to the sport. I have no belief when I am watching boxing (ok..I hardly EVER watch boxing) that the matches aren't as staged as TNT or WWE wrestling....just with no chokeholds ...or biting ..unless we continue to give a rats behind about Tyson (convicted rapist BTW) and his attempted comeback.

Money Matters on TV - Salaries of Favorite TV Characters

Did you see where has the top tv salaries of your favorite characters?

Dr. Derek Shepherd on Greys Anatomy leads the pack with 386,575 a year ..Neuro Surgeon Money

House Dr. Gregory House is second with 191 thousand a year

Bill Hoffman on Hel Me Help You (I don't watch that) is 3rd 169,000 a year

Annabeth Chase on Close To Home ..a prosecutor 143,000

Alison Dubois ...a stay home mom on medium is 134,000 and that one doesnt make sense

George Lopez, a plant manager is 127,000

Michael Scott of The Office on NBC is 89,000

Homer Simpson is 67,000 as a Nuclear Safety Inspector

Horatio Caine of CSI Miami is nearly 60,000

Betty Suarez of Ugly Betty is 49,000

Eddie Stark High School History Teacher makes 49,000

Olivia Benson on Law and Order is only 45 k

Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights is 45k as well

and as for Jack Bauer, the 24 Special Agent ..we don't know about Black Ops CONFIDENTIAL

Big Oil and The Election ?

I just have this feeling that the reason gas in my neck of the woods is 1.99 today, and CBS news talked about the stock market booming because of eased tensions over gasoline prices that with the election coming up, it serves big oil to keep republicans in power. It's not that I am saying republicans are bad ..but clearly , big oil is better off with them in power and are influencing the election as they know how.

When it served big oil to charge us over $3.00 a gallon ...they had no problem doing that ..and i think by christmas ..election over ... gas will be tickling that mark again. With all the negativity towards republicans and angst about virtually everything going against them ... it's just somethign big oil can take off the table. With $3.00 a gallon gas people would really pile on the administration and congress. It's my belief that people have forgotten the bind big oil put on America with their money hunger ways. Price of everything went up due to rising energy costs ... and though nobody in my family was hurt physically ... the effect may just well have been as though someone dropped a bomb in my backyard.

Foley is being politicized too much ... pedophelia is not a democrat or republican issue ...but it does show some true colors ... Hastert covering up ..and one of my favorites happened today on the commentary portion of CBS This Morning. Conservative commentator Ben Stein chose today (oct 8, 06) to point out that the Foley scandal is on 24/7 while there are other VERY SERIOUS problems in the world ...took great time with fabulous maps and video to illustrate the problems of the world. He thinks media should get off of the Foley story and on to these. I agree that these are big problems Mr. Stein I DO have to point out that they were problems a month ago ..and you didnt see fit to mention them either until conservative politics in our country was coming under fire. Diversions and Denials are at so many levels today.

Watching Studio 60 makes me remember 1980 1981 ABC Fridays !

Well ..I have no time whatsoever to watch all this TV I want to watch. Quit work and see how long the welfare will keep the cable connected to the DVR. Studio 60 is just great but I am afraid too smart for the masses. I used to love West Wing because I thought the White House was a cool place to work and they brought me behind the scenes of that. Same thing on Studio 60 ...I have always thought SNL was a cool experience ..if I couldn't be a Rock Star, I would want to be on Saturday Night Live ..and just to be in that Studio is a Thrill .... So it is great that they bring us behind the scenes of that so realistically. And by the way ...Harriet can do her impersonation of Holly Hunter ALL day and night and I would be thrilled !!!

SO ALL THIS HAS ME REMEMBERING ABC FRIDAYS !!! I hope you have good memories of it too .. Lke Fox Mad TV is now, it was the counter to SNL. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS...does anyone remember Fridays which was Live sketch comedy from LA was an actual show ? Had great musical acts ... "Musical guests included the Boomtown Rats (Bob Geldof sang "I Don't Like Mondays"), Split Enz (the Finn brothers sang "I Got You"), and The Clash (Joe Strummer howled-out "London Calling")." A great performance I remember was Gary US Bonds ! Eddie Money, Kim Carnes, THE BUS BOYS WERE GREAT !!! Benatar was hot. Bruce Mahler did a VERY FUNNY spanish / american DJ saying "La musica musica de los R E M etc" Tom Petty was on before he was a mega star. Graham Parker did Turn On The Endless Night JIMMY BUFFETT was cool ! KING CRIMSON came on and made me have to go get the record the next day ! Gene Simmons and KISS made an appearance I apparently don't remember too much of. Michael Richards rose to stardom there ... And there was a live moment when Andy Kaufman pulled one of those "is a stunt or real" stunts by fighting and having a tantrum. I don't know if anyone else remembers the GREAT BRUCE SPRINSTEEN DEBATE where the two presidential candidates met in a Mens Room and debated Bruce Springsteen as an issue. NOW THAT WAS AHEAD OF ITS TIME !!!! Another 1980 ?? sketch was the guy who went into the audience to discuss the top albums of the year. Basically ..that they all sucked ... I will never forget him holding up the Double Fantasy album and saying "Number one with a bullet ...from Mark David Chapman>" It still makes my heart sink. (I HATE MARK DAVID CHAPMAN !!!) And as hot as Larry David is on his HBO show should be noted that this was the first we'd ever heard of him ... not so good looking ..but his writing was good enough that they let him act too. Old guys like George Carlin and Henny Youngman and Burns of Burns and Schreiber were a part of it. And there was Melanie Chartoff and Valerie Bertanelli ...two of my childhood dreams... together on the same set !!! Billy Crystal did Friday's BEFORE he was an SNL Castmember. The guy who sang "I'm a Pepper" for Dr. Pepper, David Naughton, did "I'm a Homo" in a hilarious spoof on homophobia. (I think he was actually gay as well) Remember, "Im a homo, your a homo, he's a homo, she's a homo, wouldn't you like to be a homo too." And I can't remember ..but I think I saw Charles Fleischer do "Moleeds" on that show. (If you don't know what that is was one of the greatest standup routines of all time)

So...if there was a DVD of Fridays I would get it ..I think it is in the vault or erased. I'd love for it to reappear sometime somewhere . GREAT memories of the early 80;a

Foley Scandal

Thing that bothers me about the "Foley" scandal is how much this has turned into a "Republican" scandal, and that things that are criminal ...such as covering things up ...have been done for the sake of a POLITICAL PARTY. How on earth is any act that harms another human being be a DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN issue at all ? I know if I say "since when is anything having to do with honesty or the complete lack thereof a political issue," that the answer I should get should be SINCE THE START OF TIME. ....but Truth is only how it is spun ...sometimes by those who spin masterfully. Fed up with the "need to know" status of our government ... alot has been said of whether the founding fathers saw todays world ..clearly they did not ...but one thing they did show a passion for is that there should be no secrets ..not of the kind we are seeing as common today.