Gas Prices, Scooters, and Bob Woodwards Book

Obviously been awhile does that to you sometimes ...if anyone knows what is going on in my house then I know I am forgiven. What show was it I saw where a guy opens his apartment and says "bill collector ? " the guy says "no" and then the guy says "oh you must be fans of my blog " DO BLOGGERS HAVE GROUPIES ? I am sure I don't ...but if bloggers have groupies, I probably want to belive I could inspire that in a kook or whackjob or nutcase who is nutburgers.

Having said that....

MY TROUBLE is this ...I live in an area where gas is now down to 1.86 ..for a day last week it was 1.79 a gallon at a few places. I can't believe a few dollars tilt in the price per barrel would somehow put the price down almost 40%. And don't tell me it's cause we are conserving either ...I haven't seen THAT many scooters around town. No...I hhave to believe in my conspiratal heart of hearts that it is politically motivated. In fact ....When Bob Woodwards book that slams President Bush and his administration for it's believed to be official policy of deception ...and the popularity numbers go down, I believe the price will go down another quarter and stay there til election day. AND THAT IS THE KEY ..UNTIL ELECTION DAY when I believe it won't even take 48 hours to begin another climb ..this time to well over 3 dollars a gallon before next Memorial Day ..probably ALOT sooner. With BIG OIL in realization that the party is likely over if the house, senate, and then executive branch all change party hands .... the motivation for them to give as much feel good as they can before time to pull the lever, or mark the ballot, or touch the touchscreen (whatever it is YOU do) Lets keep oil prices low by having an election every year !!!

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