Tumultous Times and the Giant Sunshield

I have said for some time that with all the tsunami's, hurricanes, earthquakes, global warming, terrorism, war, and general badness ...that when we are waiting in that line to talk to St Peter the topic of conversation will be "you knew right ? i mean... there were plenty of signs ...at least I think." I watched Brokaw's thing on Discovery outlining Global Warming ... I am quite sure that nowhere in the script was the word "biblical" used ...but it had to be a struggle not to use the adjective. I hope I am wrong ..but I just think there are hard times for the world to continue, with the hardest times ever faced for America ... We'll have to be tough and persistent to hang in there.

On Global warming ... while everyone blames the human element for imminent destruction of the planet...I hold out hope for the saving of mankind by doing what must be done. Soon we will be using far less fossil fuels ... at least in America ...(China...eh probably not) But give us the old "put a man on the moon in 10 years" fighting chance to do it with brainpower and will. If the rainforests are dry ..perhaps we will seed the clouds ...discover a way to control hurricane intensity , and even find ways to suck up the too much CO2 ..and my favorite ...and for this I am sure many will call me CRAZY ...but I think it could work...the GIANT SUNSHIELD. This is where we stitch together a thousand mile square sunshield like the one in your car window to reflect rays of the sun back to space, cooling the earth and avoid global warming. THE GIANT SUNSHIELD can work !!! pass on a good idea.

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