Rock Star CBS to final 5

quick rant for all i have time for

well....if i never hear psycho killer again i think i will do just fine ... but dilana has too much "cred" built up to say goodbye to supernova ...YET ...but i think the wheels are turning and she might not have it down....with ryan gone and dilanas personality on the maybe "too wild" side ..even for tommy lee , i think the door is open for storm to sneak in the back door (i don't know why i snicker when i think of tommy getting it in the back door but anyway) ... could a possible solution for supernova lead singer be a combination of male / female as in storm large and toby ..BOTH ? I think it could work? I believe that giving tommy lee the lapdance he has always wanted from storm kept her in the game ...but that can't go on. while i am ranting let me present the possibility that when ryan says he will see supernova on the charts ..he may be very wrong in ryan may see quite a bit of the charts, given his demonstrated songwriting ability and the way he "textures" a song....ryan may spend a good deal of the next 20 years sellling music while supernova sells off within a year or so. ...just a thought. and finally ...magni ....MAGNI ....CMON....not a chance in heeeeelllll.

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