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Dilana almost talked her way out of the job this week
I liked storm and i need to say most everything about her ..not everything..the crazy acting and crazy eyes....but on the other hand...when she doesn't bug her eyes out she has very soft lovely eyes. strong singer maaaayyyyybbbeee the best singer and very comfortable onstage ...has a sweet side and a slutty side ....hmmmmmm ..hoping when she gets to do an original it vaults her as it did...
Ryan ....with dilanas negativity and ...i agree....the blue eye shadow is starting i think to be a detriment to lukas ...(it dawned on me last night that Supernova is hard core but I don't think they are blue eyeshadow hardcore) Ryan may have pushed into the lead this week. ...the aussie is looking like an awfully good fit for the band too.
my problem from now on is that i like all of everyone who is left enough that i wish it would just stay this way for awhile...but it won't---i honestly do not care who wins ..and am even feeling some "spinal tap" pangs when i watch this show ...but aside from the idiotic need for the producers to inject a Nirvana song every single solitary week (and if they don't, its a Hole or Courtney Love song to fill that gap) I just really enjoy the music and fills my need to see live music without going to a bar. ...and almost all are much more comfortable and talented than american idol

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