AOL You've got CRAP

First let me state that the reason I have stayed with crappy AOL is because my wife likes AOL and does her everything online with AOL because its just always been that way specific ... some people can't imagine notifying everyone in your address book and saying you have a new email . So...we have aol ..and we have our broadband through aol with a signed contract for such for another 8 months or so. But now ...AOL says everything we charged you for is now FREE for everyone. More power to the everyone ...I was only staying for the consistent email and they say I can keep that, even if I write about what total jackasses they are. If you want your free AOL, know that you are getting involved with a company that for years has prided itself on how much spam it caught in their email filters , while nobody has done more spamming themselves period. They have made everyone PAY HIGH RATES for years while bombarding them with more advertisements than almost any webpage might have. Ads and solicitations are richer than the content on AOL ...and I have often told my wife that I cannot believe we actually PAY to be solicted like this constantly. Good thing..those days are over. And here becomes the thing... AOL is in there position because of a lucky twist I recall was AOL and PRODIGY in the dinosaur days ...but AOL had chat and nobody else did. That is it in a nutshell how AOL became what it is today. Now they will try to go against GOOGLE and YAHOO and will LOSE and I could not be happier. Stockholders ....RUN FAST from AOL / Time Warner. Put your money in Google or Yahoo and may AOL go to the same graveyard they put PRODIGY in ...but bury them facedown.

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