Rock Star CBS to final 5

quick rant for all i have time for

well....if i never hear psycho killer again i think i will do just fine ... but dilana has too much "cred" built up to say goodbye to supernova ...YET ...but i think the wheels are turning and she might not have it down....with ryan gone and dilanas personality on the maybe "too wild" side ..even for tommy lee , i think the door is open for storm to sneak in the back door (i don't know why i snicker when i think of tommy getting it in the back door but anyway) ... could a possible solution for supernova lead singer be a combination of male / female as in storm large and toby ..BOTH ? I think it could work? I believe that giving tommy lee the lapdance he has always wanted from storm kept her in the game ...but that can't go on. while i am ranting let me present the possibility that when ryan says he will see supernova on the charts ..he may be very wrong in ryan may see quite a bit of the charts, given his demonstrated songwriting ability and the way he "textures" a song....ryan may spend a good deal of the next 20 years sellling music while supernova sells off within a year or so. ...just a thought. and finally ...magni ....MAGNI ....CMON....not a chance in heeeeelllll.

Tumultous Times and the Giant Sunshield

I have said for some time that with all the tsunami's, hurricanes, earthquakes, global warming, terrorism, war, and general badness ...that when we are waiting in that line to talk to St Peter the topic of conversation will be "you knew right ? i mean... there were plenty of signs least I think." I watched Brokaw's thing on Discovery outlining Global Warming ... I am quite sure that nowhere in the script was the word "biblical" used ...but it had to be a struggle not to use the adjective. I hope I am wrong ..but I just think there are hard times for the world to continue, with the hardest times ever faced for America ... We'll have to be tough and persistent to hang in there.

On Global warming ... while everyone blames the human element for imminent destruction of the planet...I hold out hope for the saving of mankind by doing what must be done. Soon we will be using far less fossil fuels ... at least in America ...( probably not) But give us the old "put a man on the moon in 10 years" fighting chance to do it with brainpower and will. If the rainforests are dry ..perhaps we will seed the clouds a way to control hurricane intensity , and even find ways to suck up the too much CO2 ..and my favorite ...and for this I am sure many will call me CRAZY ...but I think it could work...the GIANT SUNSHIELD. This is where we stitch together a thousand mile square sunshield like the one in your car window to reflect rays of the sun back to space, cooling the earth and avoid global warming. THE GIANT SUNSHIELD can work !!! pass on a good idea.

Rock Star CBS Latest

Dilana almost talked her way out of the job this week
I liked storm and i need to say most everything about her ..not everything..the crazy acting and crazy eyes....but on the other hand...when she doesn't bug her eyes out she has very soft lovely eyes. strong singer maaaayyyyybbbeee the best singer and very comfortable onstage ...has a sweet side and a slutty side ....hmmmmmm ..hoping when she gets to do an original it vaults her as it did...
Ryan ....with dilanas negativity and ...i agree....the blue eye shadow is starting i think to be a detriment to lukas ...(it dawned on me last night that Supernova is hard core but I don't think they are blue eyeshadow hardcore) Ryan may have pushed into the lead this week. ...the aussie is looking like an awfully good fit for the band too.
my problem from now on is that i like all of everyone who is left enough that i wish it would just stay this way for awhile...but it won't---i honestly do not care who wins ..and am even feeling some "spinal tap" pangs when i watch this show ...but aside from the idiotic need for the producers to inject a Nirvana song every single solitary week (and if they don't, its a Hole or Courtney Love song to fill that gap) I just really enjoy the music and fills my need to see live music without going to a bar. ...and almost all are much more comfortable and talented than american idol

Theres a tear in my beer

Theres a tear in my beer and I found my dog is queer ... ok sorry ... just remembering the days when I used to listen to alot more country music. These days it seems country pays much more homage to 70's style rock than hank Williams Sr. ... or Jr. for that matter. Now comes the word that KZLA in Los Angeles ..the last "city of lights" country station has changed format. No Country station at all apparently in Hollywood. according to a story

"The host of the midmorning show, Shawn Parr, said he was told just after he started his shift that the station would be changing styles. He queued up Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" at 10:18 a.m., which segued into the Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get It Started" seven minutes later. Then he left the air"

Country has always had it's share of just blatant trite phrase of the week PRODUCT as opposed to MUSIC ...but the Stones and Snoop Dog and even David Hassalhoff are guilty of selling out now and then....Country also has had it's share of thoughtful songwriters ...even Garth Brooks could make you "FEEL" something . Mary Chapin Carpenter was and stil is wonderful if not commercially successful. ... No Country in LA ... For the genre its a Black Hole and a black eye.

Im Just Sayin-- Rock Star CBS

Im just sayin... I blogged on American Idol a bit ...but I confess to being a big ROCK STAR CBS fan and especially a fan of Storm Large ... whom I think will be a big star at some point but will probably not win.... but thats not why I'm bloggin today... I'm bloggin today to point out the blatant double standard from last nights (8/16/6) show where Tommy Lee said to one of the singers when he sat down with his acoustic guitar "I hate guys who sit down onstage.!" That was followed a couple of songs later with Supernova Guitarist Gilby , the Australian guy sings as GILBY SITS DOWN to play acoustic guitar. EXCUSE ME ?????
Here's Storm Large for fun

Tony Kornheiser was Great on MNF Debut

Did anyone have any doubt that Uncle Tony Kornheiser would hit a home run for Monday Night Football ...Tirico is solid ...Theisman is himself which is not a bad thing, for me anyway, but I did catch Tony "interviewing" Joe ... the guy gets enough mic time anyway. TK will get used to the style ...but you gotta love....right off the bat ...the Seinfield reference. Welcome to our living room Tony !

Hack The Diebold Voting Machine Video on Huffington Post is Great

How to hack a diebold voting machine ? A friend of mine sent me this link goes to a blogger called the Huffington Post .... it is not just one of the best blogging things I have ever seen ....its kind of one of the most interesting things I ever saw on the internet. It is not that anyone WOULD do what he says can be done ..but how easily it COULD be done ...totally tamper with the results of any election ...maybe not neccesarily over-riding the results as the video says (WATCH THE VIDEO) ...but at least nullifying whatever votes have been cast . THIS is a serious subject done very well with toungue in cheek and with a laugh in the beggining, middle and end. Excellent job to be shared with everyone.

William And Mary Logo unkind to native americans ...but Florida State ???

I have no idea what it is that the NCAA is putting in their peace pipe these days when they say that the William and Mary Logo with two indian feathers is somehow insulting to native americans while other logo's, for instance ALL that is involved with Florida State, from the midfield spear to the warpaint to the tomahawk chop ...all that is apparently ok ? I guess it pays to sell more NCAA merchandise.

AOL You've got CRAP

First let me state that the reason I have stayed with crappy AOL is because my wife likes AOL and does her everything online with AOL because its just always been that way specific ... some people can't imagine notifying everyone in your address book and saying you have a new email . So...we have aol ..and we have our broadband through aol with a signed contract for such for another 8 months or so. But now ...AOL says everything we charged you for is now FREE for everyone. More power to the everyone ...I was only staying for the consistent email and they say I can keep that, even if I write about what total jackasses they are. If you want your free AOL, know that you are getting involved with a company that for years has prided itself on how much spam it caught in their email filters , while nobody has done more spamming themselves period. They have made everyone PAY HIGH RATES for years while bombarding them with more advertisements than almost any webpage might have. Ads and solicitations are richer than the content on AOL ...and I have often told my wife that I cannot believe we actually PAY to be solicted like this constantly. Good thing..those days are over. And here becomes the thing... AOL is in there position because of a lucky twist I recall was AOL and PRODIGY in the dinosaur days ...but AOL had chat and nobody else did. That is it in a nutshell how AOL became what it is today. Now they will try to go against GOOGLE and YAHOO and will LOSE and I could not be happier. Stockholders ....RUN FAST from AOL / Time Warner. Put your money in Google or Yahoo and may AOL go to the same graveyard they put PRODIGY in ...but bury them facedown.