Violence on TV in Family Time

This is a gripe to pick with whomever .... I am a father of a 4 year old.
I am not NRA but I am also not anti-gun ...I need to make that clear ...I realize that kids will see guns, kids will play with guns (I did) and that it is not only fictional guns in books, movies (bambi) and tv (everything) that I am bitching about. It's just this ...I would prefer to do the most I can at this impressionable age to shelter my son from violence...mostly fictionalized violence on tv. Now ... there is reality... we are fighting on several fronts ..and so are other countries ...and the news is on and my son occasionally pays attention. I have a feel for when its about to be "too real" for his eyes I think and I will divert his attention or even pause the DVR. My son does know that soldiers fight and tanks shoot things that explode ..four year olds perspective. MY GRIPE is kinda with the other stuff I see ALL THE TIME.

See..I think its a good and wholesome thing to watch the game, the race, the golf etc with my son. Those things are great is the network promo's for whatever show or movie they are trying to get everyone who is watching the game, race, or golf to tune in to. AM I THE ONLY father who has noticed HOW MANY of these promos feature someone (my beloved Jack Bauer ..hero but NOT for four year olds) pointing a gun at someones head ...or someone squaring to face the camera with a close up of a pistol ???? I personally believe these are traumatic images ...fictionalized violence presented as more horrifying than even the "real" war violence we see everyday. My son may have to fight a war someday ... a given ... but I doubt he will be looking down the barrel of a magnum in such over dramatized situations.

I know as much as anyone about the economic importance of good ratings ... promote your shows ...but DONT ...NETWORKS...PLEASE STOP PICKING THE MOST VIOLENT MOMENTS to promote these shows within family times. I truly belive that the good of watching the game, the race, the golf will outweigh the bad of the violence of the promotionals within ....but ...I cannot help but feel someoen needs to cry out and take notice of the harm being my humble opinion.

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