This and That

What was Zidane Thinking when he head-butted Materazzi???This question will be asked in France for 20 years won’t it be ?

There Really Is MLB Funeral Merchandise ??? Really ?It's MLB All Star Time ...that means we need to talk again about Pete Rose .... for whatever reason he is left out of the Hall's time to put him in. Qualify that its as a player, NOT as a manager. Whatever you have to do...its time to end this atrocity.

TMZ claims to have obtained a copy of Suri Cruise's birth certificate.

And here is the page that shows us all…and I do mean all ..i mean I think all …probably at least MOST of Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos. Date Movie is funny at the start … weak at parts and not funny but appreciatively sarcastic within itself …and should be most noted, not for the nice Alyson Hannigan’s self deprecating humor..but for the Barbara Streisand impression by Jennifer Coolidge which was so dead on I thought it WAS Babs.

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