That's Nascar Racin ?? Really ?

Hamlin won the race in Pocono 7/23/06 but the story was the heated tempers. Clint Bowyer knocks Stewart into the wall, so Stewart pushes Bowyer back which spins him into Carl Edwards. NOW Carl is pissed and holds his arms up (family friendly finger I guess) to Stewart ...Stewart shows his not so family friendly finger to Carl and then Edwards spins Stewart and calls him names. Now...I guess "that's just racin." BUT Stewart says something very interesting I want you to take note of... He says he wishes that Dale Earnhardt was around to police the younger guys to let them know when it's ok to push and shove and when it's not so ok ...Stewart says that #3 would be able to teach the newcomers a thing or two. My point is this ... Earnhardt actually died in exactly that style of driving. These guys are getting pissed ...but its not the same as punching someone in the nads on an NBA floor ... this is WRECKING INTO SOMEONE AT ... WELL ... NOT FAR FROM 200 MPH. Black flags, fines, stern talkin to's in the Principals Office ...what have you ...something has to be done or someone is going to get more hurt than just the feelings from having the bird flipped at you .

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