Oops the Lost Monkey

OOPS the Monkey is missing in Roanoke still as of this writing. I was trying to think of all the places that OOPS could be ...having a Hot Dog at the Roanoke Millionaires Club known as the Texas Tavern ?? Or perhaps taking a few laps around Victory Stadium (he was spotted nearby)...maybe just lost in the chroma key of a Robin Reed weather forecast on WDBJ TV - 7 , or traveling the valley in costume as the old Kids Club Chicken from TV-27 when it was Family Television. Down 581 and trying to catch a flight from Woodrum Field or going to the Mall ? OOPS could possibly be just hanging around the Blue Ridge Parkway checking out the rest stops.Oops is likely to stroll back into Mill Mountain Zoo without being noticed ... feed himself, and head back out to the real world.

Has anyone noticed that the new show called Kyle XY has some of the same techniques used on Lost ??? the Bogus commercial and website are going to provide clues to what the heck is going on like the Hanso group for Dharma on Lost.

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