Does Taylor Hicks Remind ANYONE ELSE of Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes

Something that I have been talking about with friends is the similarity that I see in Taylor Hicks and Southside Johnny. It was brought more home to me when Taylor sang Bruce on the final 3 show. I think he clearly emulates and respects Springsteen and his stage values, but takes most after the "little brother" character that Southside Johnny is relegated to. Southside got huge songwriting and producing boosts in his career from Steve Van Zant and La Bamba was the trombonist in the Jukes before being in the Max Weinberg 7 on Conan O'Brien Late Night ...La Bamba Now on tour with Springsteen in the Seger Sessions Band. ( I wonder how cool is that...La Bamba telling Max "you stay here, I AM THE ONE going on tour with Bruce this time LOL")

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Taylor has the vocal stylings, the soul / blues connection and the love of harmonica. AND the grey hair. So...does anyone who even know who Southside Johnny is (I am a front row Jukes Fan --I once caught his sunglasses and seeem to be one of the ones who know all the words to all the songs...BUT there arent many of us) think that Taylor is a SJ wannabe become famous ? And a question I'd really like answered if anyone knows ...If Taylor listed his favorite artists , (has he ?) where does Bruce come in.
For you kiddies ...take a look and hopefully someday a listen to Southside Johnny
Southside Johnny Music at Southside Johnny

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