Cars Trivia

I thought Cars was the best kids / pixars (not necc for kids) movie I've seen ...and the boy loved it of course as all kids who love things with wheels (make that all kids) will. I put together Cars Trivia

*"Cars"trivia for disney pixar movie cars

What kind of car is Doc
a hudson

what do mcqueen and mater do for fun in the middle of one night
go tractor tipping

For what reason did the animators choose mcqueens number 95
represents the year pixars toy story was released

The first race scenes track is modeled after what real nascar track ?
bristol international raceway

what is the name of the small town that mcqueen lands in on his way to california
radiator springs

what is the name of the championship mcqueen and the other racers are vying for
the piston cup

Who is the voice of Mack is the actor who has been a voice in all major pixar releases?
John Ratzenberger

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