Dexter Manley Recovering

As of this writing Dexter Manley, the former Washington Redskins star is recovering from 10 and a half hours of brain surgery. I was with a group 3 months ago that Dexter addressed. He is / claims to be far from the drugs ... the cocaine .. the bad choices of his past ... is very close to his preacher who travels with him wherever he goes, and was apparently close to working with the NFL on ministering to kids about making better choices than he did. It was apparent when he spoke, that there was something wrong with his recall ability, but I, like others in attendance, just thought it was residual from the coke.

He seems to have turned things around ... so .. pray for his recovery.

Cars Trivia

I thought Cars was the best kids / pixars (not necc for kids) movie I've seen ...and the boy loved it of course as all kids who love things with wheels (make that all kids) will. I put together Cars Trivia

*"Cars"trivia for disney pixar movie cars

What kind of car is Doc
a hudson

what do mcqueen and mater do for fun in the middle of one night
go tractor tipping

For what reason did the animators choose mcqueens number 95
represents the year pixars toy story was released

The first race scenes track is modeled after what real nascar track ?
bristol international raceway

what is the name of the small town that mcqueen lands in on his way to california
radiator springs

what is the name of the championship mcqueen and the other racers are vying for
the piston cup

Who is the voice of Mack is the actor who has been a voice in all major pixar releases?
John Ratzenberger

Taylor and People Magazine

I found it very funny that Taylor Hicks told people he doesn't have a relationship ... yet wants to meet the mysterious woman from the airplane. Now People has the email and the mailing address for the woman to get in touch ... like only the ONE girl will write ..right >? yeah right
Bruce Springsteen's version of Pete Seeger's "Bring 'Em Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam)".

Go to for the download ... then what do you want to do ?  Bring em home ? 

Is Springsteen being opportunistic , genuine, or a combination therof.

The song was penned by Pete Seeger during the Vietnam War by Seeger and Springsteen's version is powerful vocally with Bruce and Patti with many backing vocals that may conjure up reminiscence of Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band.

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Taylor going strong

With the American Idol Tour underway and the waters of stardom being tested by Idol survivor Taylor Hicks .... It's going to be kinda fun to see where he ends up ... I mean, does anyone really think he has a home on Top 40 radio ? MTV ? or is he relagated to VH1 and Lite Rock Radio Stations . He definitely has the talent to be something more special than a Vegas act ...but I fear that may be all we see of him 5-10 years down the line. The Doobie Brothers cover is the one now ...I can't wait to see what he does with other classic rock / soul covers , which I think will be his staple ... and can't wait for the first Springsteen cover. (something better than dancing in the dark) Long Live Soul Patrol

Does Taylor Hicks Remind ANYONE ELSE of Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes

Something that I have been talking about with friends is the similarity that I see in Taylor Hicks and Southside Johnny. It was brought more home to me when Taylor sang Bruce on the final 3 show. I think he clearly emulates and respects Springsteen and his stage values, but takes most after the "little brother" character that Southside Johnny is relegated to. Southside got huge songwriting and producing boosts in his career from Steve Van Zant and La Bamba was the trombonist in the Jukes before being in the Max Weinberg 7 on Conan O'Brien Late Night ...La Bamba Now on tour with Springsteen in the Seger Sessions Band. ( I wonder how cool is that...La Bamba telling Max "you stay here, I AM THE ONE going on tour with Bruce this time LOL")

American Idol

Taylor has the vocal stylings, the soul / blues connection and the love of harmonica. AND the grey hair. So...does anyone who even know who Southside Johnny is (I am a front row Jukes Fan --I once caught his sunglasses and seeem to be one of the ones who know all the words to all the songs...BUT there arent many of us) think that Taylor is a SJ wannabe become famous ? And a question I'd really like answered if anyone knows ...If Taylor listed his favorite artists , (has he ?) where does Bruce come in.
For you kiddies ...take a look and hopefully someday a listen to Southside Johnny
Southside Johnny Music at Southside Johnny