Scutters Final Thoughts On American Idol 2006

American Idol

I told many who would listen that it was kinda weird, and satisying, that the two favorites I had since the auditions were the two in the finals. I am not someone who usually agrees with Peoria. When Chris Daughtery got to sing with his favorite band, I wondered who Taylor Hicks would sing with on the finale. I seriously seriously wondered if Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes were going to come out. Predictions for the Idol Final Four as we peer into the future .... Lets say the season 5 American Idol Final Four WHERE ARE THEY NOW 2010.

Taylor Hicks -- Has become to 60's and 70's music what Michael Buble is to 40's and 50's music.

Catherine McPhee - Is America's TV, Movie, and oh she does sing too darling. Married to someone very famous and clean cut --- Now in 2010 she and her family, husband and children and weepy dad are set to host the first of her annual Christmas Specials much like the old Andy Williams specials.

Elliott Yamin -- dude ..DUDE just keepin it real ... the great voice combined with the pure luck of the draw gave him one giant top 40 hit in 2007 ...and that was IT for the career. Elliott isn't quite working at the pharmacy again ...but he is out of the entertainment business. The no charisma thing hurts.

Chris Daughtery -- an established rock band fired their singer and hired Chris in 2007 .... He is living the true life of Superstar despite not being the fact the underdog factor helps as well as his complete distancing ...which even got ugly -- from the Idol Mentality.

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