10 Thoughts On American Idol

OK...lets be honest...when Mandissa went away....then the announcement that Queen Music would be sung on next week's show...did we not lose a chance to hear Mandissa sing "Fat Bottom Girls.?" I think it would have been great.

Did anyone see Paula Abdul on Leno acting drunk and pretending to do a bit about how could anyone think she is drunk ? Just opinion. but itf she is on anything it is some form of pain pills to relieve pain from the years of dancing.

Bucky Must Go. Voters...do you hear me ?
Taylor Must Stay...Voters...do you hear me ?
If Kellie Pickler ever goes to work for NASA...everyone owes me a Coke.

Being from Virginia and the so called Tobacco belt..but out of everyone auditioned from 50 states..does anyone notice that 4 of 8 left are from Virginia and North Carolina...ok ok...3 of 8 are from North Carolina. WOW

Does anyone notice that Walmart Radio played over the stores music systems all over the store is almost all idol ??? If you are in Walmart for 45 minutes you will hear Jesus Take The Wheel 3 times guaranteed.
Had a bad day ? STILL number one on ITunes isnt it ?

Katherine McPhee ..win or (probably) lose this season..will be America's sweetheart for 10-20 years...long after the show is gone. GO Katherine!

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