hottest ?

Johansson Tops Sexy List (imdb)

Lost in Translation actress Scarlett Johansson is the world's sexiest woman, according to a new poll in men's magazine FHM. Readers voted the actress ahead of last year's number one, Mr. and Mrs. Smith star Angelina Jolie and two Jessicas -- Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson -- on the annual 100 Sexiest Women in the World list. Flattered Johansson says, "One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy. I'd like to thank FHM's readers for the huge compliment." Jolie came in second, while Alba and Simpson, recent Oscar nominee Keira Knightley and Oscar winner Halle Berry also made the top 10.

And Barry Bonds As Paula Abdul

Yes Yes yes ..we know San Fransisco Giants star Barry Bonds took steroids ... I thought that made your nuts shrink...not your brain ... now we know . Barry Bonds imitating American Idol Judge Paul Abdul is going to go down in history as the weirdest and dumbest thing ... now come on....THIS MAN / whatever / breaking Henry Aarons record ? I don't even want him to break Ruth's .

Science proves what ? and American Idol

Someone proved scientifically i presume..or at least they thought they prove it that man has been pre-disposed to blondes since cave man times. I just had to wonder if cavegirls, who in this study, somehow evolved into blue eyed blondes, had something akin to a caveman hooters complete with pitchers of grog and spicy buffalo sauced meatkill of the day..where the cavegirls pretended to really like the cavemen in order to get a nice was a good tip for a caveman to leave...15% of the fur ?

On American Idol, we have now narrowed it down to ....oh who am i kidding, as i write this there are 20 still alive and everyone knows ACE YOUNG is going to win. DUH ..give me a break. I wish Taylor Hicks had a chance..but truth be known..I am probably going to want to hear this second coming of Southside Johnny with anything he releases.

And I will buy any magazine Kelly Pickler and Katherine McPhee pose in ...preferably together since they did their roomate segment Tuesday night..but something tells me neither are long for the AI scene. --well...Kelly is cute...very cute...and naive..and adorable...oh ...and scientifically she may have a chance cause she is blonde ... well ... to be the American Idol or work at Hooters