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in milwaukee...sports fans can come out to a hockey game to win tickets to las vegas --- the hairiest back wins. yes i said the harriest back...hairy back hockey fans baring their shaggy backs to go where what happens there..stays there..maybe the back hair gets shaved and stays in vegas.
a dating service is now going to use its psychological matching examinations to help married people be better married people...OK .... im surprised to find out when I heard this story that they aren't trying to match swingers -- but that will probably be next. My problem with these dating services is that they ask the man and the woman to take a test and then when the most answers correspond with one another they say that then therefore the two must be a perfect match. BUT..doesn't this do away with the old addage that "opposites attract ?" Thats worked pretty well for me and Melissa.

A big night at the Grammy's once again proving that it's an old folks show every year... (im old enough to appreciate that) .... give credit to U2 for their longevity and constant reinvention. I really appreciate the recognition given to them and Bruce Springsteen for Devils and Dust . And McCartney singing Helter Skelter and the New Orleans Tribute are standout reasons why I can't believe shows like Lost and American Idol dare put anything new on opposite the Grammies. I guess everyone is supposed to know how to program their VCR or have a Tivo or DVR by now.

Venting here... I recently received a modest pay increase. Very modest....but significant enough to make me think my family might be that much better. Every single penny and actually quite a bit more has been taken by the sharp rise in heating this winter and yet another greedy rate hike by the cable company (Adelphia .... BASTARDS) as these utilities line their pockets with very little if any real competition for their services. Throw in that Exxon felt they needed to make a century's worth of profit in the course of a year , and the only thing we can do is not use their products and services ...which is doubtful that anyone would self deprive to make the point.

I will say this... I hope they get some payback in this fashion. When they screw up..and believe me they as unforgiving to them as they have been to us. If, by some unfortunate accident, Exxon Mobil spills a drop of oil from another Valdeez onto another alaskan beach...sue the bastards out of existance ....not just a little bit where they still exist and "pass the cost of their lawsuits on to the consumer." Literally put them completely out of business and force ever executive onto the street. Same thing with Cable companies.... any NOT ONE SPECK of mercy ..they have shown none to me. Energy companies are on a greedy money grab and have been for a long time. Sue them, legislate against them ... RISE UP against those who show no remorse when doing us wrong.

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