I have seen in the neighborhood of 10 Springsteen shows...and everyone knows how he can whip up a crowd...I've seen U2, and they are legendary as well for the near religious experience of one of their live concerts. Some other great shows in the many that were notable for not only what was happening onstage but also with the crowd and its devotion include Melissa Etheridge, the nearly trance like "feeling it" of the Dave Matthews Band fans in their live experience, and I'd even have to throw in a mention of Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, although it may specifically have been my personal familiarity that adds to the memory of the night. All these are in the well known for their live shows catagory, but I don't know how much credit Wilson Pickett receives as one of the greatest showmen in Rock & Roll History . At least on the night I saw him in Roanoke's Festival In The park in the late 80's, Wicked Wilson Picket (with much accomplished musicianship and soul from his backup group) whipped a crowd into such a frenzy that I believed for a few moments at times the police just might shut the thing down. In Mustang Sally and especially as he belted out the Land of 1000 dances ...and an ever extended and unforgettable "Midnight Hour" the rock and roll hall of famer put on a performance I would put up against any of those better known performers. Wilson Picket died yesterday ( Jan 19th 2006) in Virginia at age 64. I celebrate his love of making those who came to see him sing feel like they were in Rock and Soul Heaven....a place where he certainly is today.

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