Tom Hanks does indeed rule

According to Eonline, Tom Hanks is again topping the Harris Poll as America's Favorite Movie Star. Johnny Depp's second, and John Wayne's third. Julia Roberts rounds out the top five. Depp just came out of nowhere over the last several years... Last week I saw him in "Blow " which was done before I think he had reached the megastar level. Was very clear he was on his way then...though I have to admit I didnt see it. I think we would all be happier if Hanks would work a little more..but I can honesty say I have never seen a Hanks movie or performance I didnt like immensly ....though some would argue Joe Versus The Volcano stunk. Hanks is set for "Divinci Code" and another good one coming up called "Charlie Wilsons War. Speaking of movies...I can't understand why there isn't more buzz about Steve Martin, who will be hosing SNL with Prince first Saturday in Feburary, in "The Pink Panther." I cant imagine this movie being anything but GREAT ..but maybe im just old. (the no duh comment of the day)

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