On TV this week....I was surprised to Google the leader of the Zach of the Others on ABC's Lost ..it turns out he is not Gary Busey after all. Did anyone think that Charlie's song written with his brother on the heirloom piano was putrid (cue simon cowell) ... I was close to believing Charlie was going ton break into the great Saturday Night Live Dana Carvey classic "Chopping Broccoli ! "I have to say one of my favorite lines in the Lost history is "are ya hittin that?" ..and on that subject...anyone wagering on the odds of Hurley "hittin that" and on her odds of survival ?
speaking of survival.. CBS Survivor is soon with updates, observations and insight from here...it is definitely one of my (and melissa's ) "troubles."and back to Simon Cowell, "I am not being rude" when I say this...but Simon has something shoved in a terribly painful place it seems. Maybe that surgeon from Fox TV's "House" can save him. And one more thing.... does anyone else think the Hawaiian girl who was first in San Fransisco ... started with opera singing and then sounded great when asked to sing pop.. should have made it hands down ??? What the hell. idolonfox.com has a place where in your "profile" you name your favorite singers.. I am naming the bad ones for my own humor I guess.

Who are are your Top 10 Favorite Idol contestants?
1.William hung
2 Rhonetta
3-Statue of Liberty Guy
5-I Shott the Sherriff Guy
6-The Hulks Wife
8-The Hawaiian Girl who should have made it from San Francisco
9-The "are you a girl" Guy
10-The "Learned to Sing from Paul Abdul Video" Guy

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