On Idol and Rollergirl

Now that J.D. Fortune has taken over as the winner of rockstar inx comes the news that cbs will resurect the show ..but no word on which group if any will get the benefit of a new singer...and maybe...cbs plans to just create a new group for the winner. It's not going to be Van Halen ... Journey >? And now Fox has debuted the 2006 edition of American Idol ...anyone catch the slip up when Randy Jackson said to one of the Chicago Contestants "C'mon Dog, it's Idol 2005 !" Expected were the ones who could not sing and the fact that Simon has to be an A-hole. .... but i have to say I felt for the guy in the Statue of LIberty Costume. He got out one or two good notes before Simon just melted down and couldnt take the outfit. Who is your award winner so far for "William Hung sings so bad he gets a record contract" award ? The cop who sang I Shot the Sherriff will make a few bucks, the Blue Moon girl could give it a go, and anyone who hasn't picked up "crystalstan.com" as a site for commerce might be missing out. That may go double for someone with a website devoted to what the girl who cussed so much in her audition song actually said. Also on TV ...I didn't even have a chance to see Emily's Reasons Why Not with Rollergirl, Boogie Nights star Heather Graham. It's gone already??? see ya bye ??

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