OK...speaking as someone who will always call Blacksburg my second home no matter where I am...the fate of Marcus Vick is currently being decided by Va Tech , Beamer, Weaver the AD, and one would presume...the Vick boys Mom. Two of the three options being given to Vick are DONT COME BACK (transfer to I-AA or go pro) with the other option being a third strike and you are out (again??) option. I thought he already had a one more and hit the door clause implied. Here is something that anyone interested needs to know...neither Marcus Vick nor his Mom want him to go pro just yet..and no way is he going to he will be back ..and will continue to be given all the rope he wants. Short of a felony, he is coming back, and here is why. Its not about MARCUS Vick's talent, which so many people in media are in " Tech is so hungry for wins they will let Vick get away of anything." It's about making sure Michael Vick (aka RON MEXICO) is happy. Tech cannot ever purchase the publicity that they get when Mike is on the sideline wearing a hokie hat and jacket...and thats been a staple in the 2005 season and will be when Marcus returns in 2006. Tech wants MICHAEL Vick top return to Lane Stadium in the future to alumni events, hall of fame honors, and to make contributions and glad hand contributors. Whatever happens while Marcus wears marroon and orange, remember, the butt they are kissing isn't his, nor the quest for a championship ring, its the prestige, and big bucks that being associated with MIKE brings with it.

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