Anyone can admit that Howard Stern is sometimes funny and sometimes offensive. If you are in the realm of those who have had limited or no access to stern, and are now about to experience him via sirius, let me warn you of the main reason I personally am offended. When Howard gets a stripper, porn star, lesbian, or promiscius woman on air and starts to ask her about her childhood ... he will say something like this...not exactly..but in different words it comes out "so honey, I bet you were abused as a child heh heh heh" , and then the woman will answer often yes ...and that helped lead her to the lifestyle she is in. Howard, in the way he presents this, seems to my ears to CONDONE CHILD ABUSE and MOLESTATION and of all the things he is chastised for, THIS is unacceptable. It's not unthinkable that some of his twisted listeners think that it is perfectly fine to molest young women , for without that, how would there be the parade of floosies ? Just sharing a belief long held. - It came out of the sky - Jan 6, 2006

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