So now we have seen a few of the best and worst American Idol has to offer so far... My favorites being the poor Statue Of Liberty Guy who got out all of one or two notes (not bad notes at that) before Simon melted down and evicted him based on apparently looks alone. We have the I Shot The Sherriff guy who probably has a William hung sized record contract waiting for him...and my eyes have glimpsed the future of "The Pajama Tour" starring "Flawless" who was flawful. The Cowboy who sings only to the turkeys in the farmyard is a favorite who IS going to Hollywood, as is the CRAZY guy who punched his ticket. Now can we get a fanclub for the poor "are you a girl or a guy" guy from Denver who could have chosen "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin, or "Land of Confusion" by Genesis, if not Lola by the Kinks.

Here's some fun facts fer ya:
You use 34 facial muscles to kiss. A one minute kiss burns 26 calories.
44% of women say they cannot enjoy sex with someone less intelligent. (somehow i think this fact is non-applicable to virtually anyone's life)
On Average, Americans eat only 8 grilled cheese sandwhiches per year.
26% of women say its ok to kiss a female friend as a "party trick" but 74% say it is not .... I don't know what a party trick is, cut im somehow more curious now.
Alicia Witt deserves a mention today just because she is Alicia Witt.

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