Nick Offerman on Romantic Handmad Cards

Nick Offerman: (paraphrased) Get a piece of paper, fold it in half, draw a heart on it, write I love you in the middle and give it to your wife and you'll get kissed so much more than you will when you give her something from a grocery store"
Me: (to the crafty card maker in the room) Honey ...can you please make me one of those cards you make so I can give to you ?

What Exxon's Downward Profits Mean For You

I am happy to say I paid 2.64 at Walmart for gas tonight, and I understand that stocks went down today because of falling gas prices and energy profits. I will never begin to understand Wall Street, but I presume that more money in average Joe's pocket and less money in Exxon's means more spending power for me and you, and GOOD news for the economy. Lets hope these prices stay around for awhile.

Marty Brown on Americas GOT TALENT

Marty Brown

I saw Marty Brown pop up on my screen on the debut episode of America's Got Talent.  I said "I've met him."  Now the truth is, when I met him in the early 90's, I kinda thought he was one of the nicest, most humble and honest to goodness talented singers that ever came through the radio station looking for a shred of publicity.   I remember that his manager called us to say "can he come by."   That was unusual in small market radio ...and its the kind of thing that SHOULD work if the world was perfect.  But his country stardom never came now we find him on America's Got Talent.

I will root for him ...and he did a great job on Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and Garth Brook's song "Make You Feel My Love."

BUT ....wait ..let me make this a very big BUT

I just kinda think that if you have a country record contract where you released not one, not two, but THREE albums ...and not on a minor label, but on MCA in their heyday, you probably shouldn't be allowed on Americas Got Talent and being portrayed as a "new discovery."    He had a fact a big chance ...and for whatever reason, it didn't work out.  It's hard for me to stomach his lovely wife on their saying "It's time America heard you."  They did already.

Having said that

I will root for him ...cause he is a nice guy with a great voice and a sincere delivery

Redneck Jokes Video Very Funny

Nostalgic for This Great Game ..Dick Enberg Monday Night Football Talking Football Record Game

While watching a documentary about the history of video games and upon seeing Dick Enberg doing a voice over for a game I remembered what was about my favorite game as a kid and probably the reason I got a passion for sports broadcasting. 
 Dick Enberg did the voice for Mattel Talking Football. I Youtubed it and came up with this video which shows the game. The player on offense would select a record, which was a play (long bomb, short run, kick, punt etc) and the other player on defense would spin the record to select his strategy. Then, you'd push play and Dick Enberg would call whatever happened. One of my friends and I had fun kicking 90 yard field goals that "splits the uprights." Great Memory ...but SOOO primitive.

Blacksburg & :Lane Stadium in the Godlight

This Sunset beautiful picture of Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia as the Hokies line up against Boston College is one of the top 100 Sports Illustrated images of all time.  What a tremendous moment the photographer captured during this Football game.  Blacksburg is in the God Light all the time, and was especially this evening.